CMailGUI aims to provide an easy-to-use Windows interface for creating or sending e-mail and to assist with creating configuration files for use with CMail. It focuses on generating e-mail that follows current best practice and therefore omits some of the deprecated or outdated message formatting options available in CMail.

CMailGUI is in its early stages of development and may contain significant bugs. Please report any issues you find. CMailGUI will be updated regularly as any bugs come to our attention.

CMailGUI can be downloaded from the CMail Download page.

Known Issues (CMailGUI 0.0.3)



  • Support for multiple profiles.

  • Password encryption.

  • Unlimited attachments (including inline attachments for HTML e-mail).

  • Unlimited To, Cc and Bcc recipients.

  • Plain text bodies from direct input or file.

  • HTML support (from file).

  • Custom headers.

  • DSN and MDN (Return Receipt).

  • DKIM.

  • Written entirely in C - no need for .NET libraries, Java, or other prerequisites.

  • No installation required. Download, extract, use.

  • Free for private and commercial use.


E-Mail Settings

E-Mail Settings

E-Mail Options

E-Mail Options

SMTP Settings

SMTP Settings

Configuration Options

Configuration Options

Portable Version

CMailGUI can be configured as a portable application, with the configuration stored alongside the binary. Simply copy cmail.exe into the same location as cmailgui.exe, and create an empty file called cmailgui.json in the same location. Note that if cmailgui.json is deleted, CMailGUI will revert to saving its configuration in the %APPDATA% directory.